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All of our Eyezen products are designed to defend against the eye strain and fatigue that comes from all the screen time of today’s digital world – whether you currently wear glasses or not.

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Plus Up Your Protection

Eyezen+ lenses are an upgrade from your everyday lenses that help defend against Harmful Blue Light emitted from digital devices and eye strain. With our Smart Blue Filter™, your lenses will appear clear in color to all those discerning eyes around you. And you can get Eyezen+ lenses through most major vision insurance plans.

Eyezen+ lenses are exclusively available from independent eyecare professionals.

See Clearly Now the Strain is Gone

Eyezen lenses have a blue-violet filter that blocks at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light, and are enhanced to increase clarity and help prevent eye strain while you’re going about all your gaming, texting, internetting, etc.

Eyezen lenses are available from independent eyecare professionals and online.

Foresight is Better than Hindsight

Foster Grant Eyezen glasses are non-prescription digital glasses that help temper the effects of digital eye strain. Foster Grant Eyezen glasses have SmartFocus™ technology — slight magnification to lenses to help your eyes stay relaxed when reading and watching on a digital device. 

Foster Grant Eyezen glasses are available online.

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